WhatsApp latest update features 2019

If anyone suddenly tells fake news or someone spread a false rumour about you, that you have an accident? You will feel terrible.

The spread of fake news on the Internet is on the rise. Social media is one of the most significant sources of fake news spreads, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social networks.
Whatsapp latest update features 2019
Owners of social media websites are taking every step to prevent fake news. The most significant way to spread fake news is by sharing the post or forwarding it.

WhatsApp new update

Every other day WhatsApp has a new update coming up, and they try to make it even better.
A great feature is coming to the new WhatsApp update. In which you will know about any message, how many times. Forwarded this message.

WhatsApp is doing a lot of measures to prevent the spread of fake news.
Considering the number of forwarding messages, users can decide whether the message is real news or fake news.

However, with the new update, it will be much easier to track the number of forwarded messages.
If you select a message and click on the information icon, Seen and delivered, we can see information about this message.

Whatsapp latest update features 2019

However, in the new update, users will also be able to see the number of forwards in a new line in the same place. This option will show not only text messages but also the number of pictures, videos and voice messages being forwarded.

This update is being released to users all over the world. It will be available to all users soon.

Final Words

We hope that with the arrival of this feature, the spread of Fake News via WhatsApp will decrease.
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