The five fantastic smartphone features being introduced this year

The five amazing smartphone features being introduced this year

Hi, today we will talk about 5 smartphone features that coming this year.
Smartphones are undergoing innovation every day, and now the year 2019 is coming, with many changes in this regard.

This year, smartphones will surprise, with amazing innovations and more lenses and cameras being introduced.  But first, let's listen to the "Fifth Generation" cover.

5G Phones

This year, 5G smartphones have begun, but we expect this technology to be in full swing by 2020 next year. 

5G phones will be ordinary next year, while Motorola plans to introduce some of its smartphones with the 5G mode.

Although the 5G infrastructure is in the early stages around the world, smartphone makers have manufactured it.

5G Phones

The 5G service will probably release in the next 12 months.

The 5G service will probably release in the next 12 months, so during this period OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei have launched such phones.

 However, Apple and Google have not yet broken the silence.  After the 5G service, the data speed on the phone will increase manifold, and people will feel this amazing feeling better.

Folded Phones

A few months ago, China's well-known company,
Revol announced its sale in December 2018, detailing the world's first folded phone called Flex Pie.

Folded Phones

After that, Samsung released the details of its folded phone, and next year, many companies will introduce smartphones that will be open and close to a tablet.

Huawei CEO Richard YU has also said that he will sell his first flagship smartphone in 2019.

The evolution of the display and a notch to the edges

Readers will remember that a year ago.
There was a lot of talk about the Bezel-equipped smartphone, namely to put minimal space on the display of the phone and to put sensors and front camera at the top, but it was unsuccessful.

Apple then introduced an option in which the screen display enhanced, and they cleared all sensors and cameras in a small space above.  Apple named it Notch.

The evolution of the display and a notch to the edges

The Notch app is a kind of wallpaper, and after its popularity, the entire phone appears on screen only. 
After its popularity, Android also added notch options.
Now notch can see on every modern Android phone.  Next year, this notch will add to more fashion.

They mostly relate to the display that makes the smartphone look full screen.

All the companies are trying to while the OnePlus Sixt is the equivalent of not having a phone in the company.

Huawei is also in the race and will continue to trend next year.  The front camera is also trying to hide, and it has some success.

The abundance of camera lenses

Samsung A9 has put four lenses on their phones, and next year they will increase in number.

But you will probably see phones with 12 or 16 glasses.  LG has also reported a 16-lens camera.

Abundance of camera lenses

But why do so many lenses phone work?  The simple answer is that the addition of lenses deepens the image and new angles can help create 3D video and pictures.

 The trend of selfies and photos from the smartphone is still fresh, and so many lens phones will be ordinary next year.

Increase in artificial intelligence

With the addition of the A12 Bionic chip in the iPhone, the element of artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) has added to the smartphone.

artificial intelligence camera app

Next year, we will find phones in the market that can distinguish between a dog or a cat by looking at the picture, and all this is possible with artificial intelligence.

  Similarly, the features of Augmented Reality will also improve.  Likewise, Google Assistant and other software will be better.