5 best app lock android | fingerprint app lock 2019

App locking in mobile is very important nowadays because when we give mobile to a friend for a specific task, he can access all our data such as Photos, videos, Facebook and WhatsApp,. Which we dislike at all.
5 best app lock android | fingerprint app lock 2019

If you open the Google Play Store and type "Android app lock" you will find many apps list. Which are very hard to find the right app? Some of these apps contain dangerous types of viruses and can do lot of damage to your mobile.

So in today's post, we'll talk about 5 app lockers that will make your mobile phone safe, and nobody will access your mobile apps without your permission.

1. Private Zone 

5 best app lock android
The Private Zone app is our first choice because this app has many features. In this appyou can hide photosvideos, and other files separately and also lock the gallery.

In the Private Zone app, you can also install custom themes, and it has both fingerprints and pattern lock options, and you can also keep your contacts private. In this appyou can lock or hide any app and screen lock option is also available in this app, and this app also has a mobile boost feature that allows you to speed up your mobile.

You can also clone an app in the Private Zone app. Also, this app has a free VPN feature; you can delete junk files, which will increase your mobile free memory.

Private Zone App has 100 M+ downloads and 4.5 ratings from the Play Store.

2.Max app locker:

5 best app lock android
The second app lock is the Max app. It also works as a private zone app.

This app has a great feature of Intruder Selfie. If anyone tries to unlock your mobile phone, then it will take a picture that will let you know who tried to unlock your mobile phone. This app has a cute web browser that works quickly and also has a dark mode.

Max app locker has more than 50M downloads and 4.7 ratings in the Play Store.

3. Super app locker

5 best app lock android
Our third locker is a Super App locker. This app has many extra features, such as a fake icon and a recent apps button lock. The best feature of this app, which I like is that you can lock the uninstallation of apps. 

The benefit of this is that no one will uninstall your valuable apps without your permissionThis app includes an invisible pattern line, Intruder Selfie, Photo booster, junk file cleaner, and fingerprint lock features.

This app has another amazing feature called Disguise lock The way you can fool your friendsIf you enable Disguise Lock for an app, for example, Facebook, when someone tries to open it, they will see a fake error message that says"Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped."
This app should have been number one.
Super app locker has more than 50M downloads and 4.7 ratings in the Play Store.

4. App Lock

5 best app lock android
The fourth app locker is also a good app lock because all the above features are also available in this app. The app locker also has some extra features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth locker, a random keyboard. 

This app was formerly very popular but is now performing poorly.
The app locker has more than 100M downloads and 4.3 ratings in the Play Store.

5 best app lock android


The last app locker is LOCKIT. This is the same app as the Private Zone, but there is no fingerprint option. The screen lock option and Intruder Selfie feature are also available in this app.

LOCKIT has more than 10M downloads and 4.7 ratings in the Play Store.

Final Words: 

So you've seen all these locker apps, now you're wondering which app is best? If you ask me, I like the super app locker and which app do you like best, please comment and share this post. Thanks