5 Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers

Best SEO tools for bloggers in 2020
SEO Tools 
SEO is very important for every blogger, especially for new bloggers. It takes a lot of effort for any new blog to rank on Google. Because nowadays nothing will be more than just content writing, but you have to take great care of the SEO of your blog.

To determine the SEO position of your blog, you need some tools through which you can determine the SEO position of your blog. In this post, we will tell you about some best free SEO tools, which you can use to improve the SEO of your blog.

 1. Google PageSpeed Insights: Website Speed Checker

The loading speed of the blog is a very important role in the search ranking. If your blog loads fast, it will rank first in Google as Google brings up the fast loading websites for its users. You can check your blog's speed in Google Page Speed ​​Insights, and this tool also tells you how to speed up your blog and this tool is free.
5 Best SEO tools 2019 free

2. Keyword toolio:  Keywords Research tool

One of the hardest things for bloggers to do every day is to search for new post topics and keywords.

This tool will help you a lot in finding keywords. You just need to enter a keyword, and then the tool will put many keywords related to this keyword in front of you.

This tool is also free but there is also a paid version which you can check the CPC and competition of a keyword, but you can check them for free through the Google keywords planner.

5 Best SEO tools 2019 free

 3. Answer the Public: Best Blog Post Idea Generator

This tool is my favorite tool. Because if you enter just one keyword, it will put thousands of keywords in front of you. It's like Keywordtool.io but it works much better.

If you enter "how to make" into it, it will put Google's A to Z search suggestions in front of you. This tool is free of cost, but you can also buy the pro version. if you want to know more about Answer the public then here available, The Ultimate Guide to AnswerThePublic.

5 Best SEO tools 2019 free

4. Dupli checker: Online Free Copyright Content Checker

You need to write unique content to rank in Google because Google hates copyrighted content too much.

Duplichecker can check your content for plagiarism and this free of cost. Copy and paste your article in duplicheker text box and press the plagiarism checker button.

5 Best SEO tools 2019 free

 5. Google Analytics  

The Google Analytics tool is a great tool for monitoring the performance of your website. You can track your website's visitors.

You can analyze how many visitors have come to your site and where they came from and how many visitors are online on your site.

5 Best SEO tools 2019 free

Final Words:

So these are the best SEO tools for new bloggers, and we hope you like this post and please share with your friends. Thank You.