Top 5 Blogging Topics with Perfect Themes 2019

Nowadays, writing a blog is not as tricky as finding a good topic for a blog. 
What is the best niche for bloggers in 2019? Before creating a blog, every new blogger searching for this.

If you search on Google "best topics for blogging 2019" and if you click on any of these results, you will find the same old topics there, a long list that will make you confuse.
 And you can't decide which topic is best for you.

Best Blogging topics and themes 2019

A good topic means high traffic, high CPC, and low competition.
 A topic on which if you start a blog, your blog will grow quickly and come to the high rank in Google.

Even if you get a good topic, finding a good, responsive blogger theme becomes a tension. Then you can search Google again. "Best blogger theme 2019". Still, you will get a long list of blogger themes in which you will confuse what the right item for my topic is.

We wrote this post after much research after reading this post, you will stop searching for good blogging topics and Blogger Themes on Google.

In today's post, we will tell you about the five best blogging topics and the five best responsive blogger themes.

1. Stories Writing

If you can write stories, this topic is excellent for you. Stories for children are a perfect topic, and there is also high traffic on this topic, and there is very little competition.

If you post a story on your blog daily, they will hit your blog to a high rank in at least two months.

The theme for stories blog:

If you want to start a story blog, then Storyteller Blogger Theme is the perfect theme for you.

This theme created by Sora Templates for stories blogging. Storyteller's layout designed for Stories Blog and its loading speed is also perfect.

Blogger theme for stories blog

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 2. News Blogging

Creating a news blog is very rewarding.  Because you'll get new topics daily.

News is trending daily. So don't worry about finding daily news topics. The news website grows quickly.
One benefit of a news blog is that you can do three to four posts daily.

The theme for News Blog:

The "Daily News" blogger theme is one of the best templates for news blogging. They design this, especially for daily news blogs. 

The "Daily News" theme layout divided into 7 categories such as fashion, technology, and games. So you can split news topics with 7 groups.

3. Jobs blogging

The Jobs Portal is also an excellent topic.
Many people are unemployed and are continually searching for new jobs on the Internet, so you can take advantage of this by creating a job portal blog.

How to get daily job ads?

For job ads, you can visit significant job portal websites daily such as indeed, job today, Jobsite Etc. Where you can get different job news daily.

You can also visit the daily newspaper websites of your country for job ads. So don't worry about new job topics.

The theme for jobs portal blog:

The Sora Jobs Blogger theme is a perfect template for jobs portal blogs. They also design this theme for jobs portal blogs. It has a 3 column blogger template and is very user-friendly and responsive to the fastest loading speed.
Best Blogger theme for jobs portal blog

4. Language Learning blog

Language learning blogs are a good idea because many people want to learn new languages today, such as English, Chinese. Make a blog today about learning the top 5 languages.

If you don't know the Chinese language, it doesn't matter. People don't know if you know the Chinese or not.

Learn online Chinese or translate online and copy-paste in your blog. You can also use a Google translator.

Theme for Language Learning blog

We suggest the Sora One Jobe blogger theme for the Language Learning blog. Because they designed this theme specially for web language learning, but you can also use this theme for the General Language Learning blog.
I like this theme because the home page of this theme is very professional and clean.

5. Instagram Captions Blogging

Instagram captions blogging is another good idea. Because the Captains for the Instagram niche is very profitable and high traffic with low competition.

You can post about Instagram captions and quotes. This is one of my favourite niches.

The theme for Instagram captions:

There are many themes available to use for the Instagram captions theme, but we suggest the Sora Saara Fashion blogger theme Because Saara is a beautiful and appealing design theme.

Blogger theme for  Instagram captions

Final Words:

So finally we hope you like these topics, pick a theme for your blog, and start blogging today.
And please share with your friends. Thank You