Blogger tips| Why Most Bloggers Fail?

Blogger tips| Why Most Bloggers Fail?
logging is a meaningful way to grow an online business and make money.
But it is not as easy as people think. Thousands of people create new blogs every day.
Most people create blogs on Blogger because creating a new blog on "Blogger" is free and very easy.

Creating a blog is very easy, but running it is very difficult.
Everyone wants their blog to rank first on Google.
But they do not understand how to rank a blog on Google search.

Five Major Causes of Blogging Failure:

Low interest

Everyone makes a blog just to make money; That's fine but have a passion for blogging.

If you start a blog on a topic, you are not interested in.
You cannot drive a blog for a long time because your information about this topic is deficient.
And it gets annoying quickly.

In the beginning, some articles you will write happily. But afterward, your heart does not want to write. So your blog will die soon. Because the content is the food of the blog.

If you stop writing content, then your blog will be very weak and die one day.

Very Fewer information about SEO

Learn about SEO before you start a blog because most people fail because of a lack of knowledge about SEO.

After creating a blog, it has to take care of every way. Such as meta tags, title tags, descriptions, keywords, heading tags, and high-quality content.

If you don't know them all, you can't create a successful blog.

Use some Best Online SEO Tools for your blog SEO.

Good Topic

Find a good blog topic and name related to your blog topic.
Before creating a blog, it is crucial to select a topic.

Try hard to find a topic and use keyword research tools like Google keywords planner. To get your low competition and high traffic topic.

Because if you select a high competition topic, then your blog will never succeed.

Then find the URL of the blog.
Remember that the URL of your blog should relate to the blog topic.

And it should not be too difficult to remember the spelling.

Otherwise, people cannot remember your blog name, and your blog will receive very little traffic.

You can use to find the best names for bloggers.

Terrible Template

After creating a blog, the first thing to do is to choose a good template for the blog. But many people pay little attention to it, so their blog does not rank.

Templates play an essential role in any blog if people dislike your theme; no matter how good your content is, people cannot stay on your blog for long.

Before selecting a template, make sure it has the following 5 features.
  • Responsive
  • SEO Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Ads Ready
  • Clean

Much more impatient

After creating a blog, work hard for at least six months.
You don't have to earn any money from your blog for six months, and this is the most bitter step.

Most people are very naïve who want to make everything in one week.

And are always on the lookout for shortcuts, but blogging has no shortcuts that make you productive overnight.

If you want to blog for a long time, be patient with yourself, then you will probably succeed in 2 months, depending on your topic.

Final words:

These were the five major mistakes most bloggers make and soon fail. And if you make a blog based on the above five principles, your blog will quickly succeed. Please share this post with your friends. Thanks