5 Blog Topic Generators for Blog Post Idea

5 Blog Topic Generators for Blog Post Ideas

very blogger's morning begins with the thought of what topic to post today.
Find Blog Topics daily becomes a headache.
This is especially difficult for new bloggers. They are looking for a topic that will rank fast.
Because the compatibility is so high these days.

More prominent bloggers don't have to write a daily post. They write two posts a week, and that's all done. And they will rank the topic on which they write.
Because they have a lot of traffic on their website. They don't have to search for daily new topics.

This problem only occurs with new bloggers, as their traffic is meager.
And they are looking for a trending topic that drives traffic to their blog.
Before you find blog topics, you need to see what your blog is about

So today we will tell you about the "5 Blog Topic Generators for Blog Post Ideas".
Here you can Find Blog Topics daily.

1. Google Search

5 Blog Topic Generators for Blog Post Ideas

Google Search is a great way to find trending post topics.
When we search on Google, it shows queries related to our topic in the suggestions.
With Google's suggestions, we can find new blog post ideas daily.

Let me show you how to do it.
Let's say our blog is about android apps, so first, we will type "best" in the Google search bar and then after giving some space, we will type "apps for the android."
Now type any letter between "best" and "apps for Android." In the suggestions below, you will find many topics.

So Google Searching is an excellent idea to find the best blog post topics.

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2. Quora

5 Blog Topic Generators for Blog Post Ideas

Quora is our second "blog post idea generator". Many people ask about their problems on Quora.
Create an account on Quora and then follow your blog niche related topics.

For example, my blog is about blogging, then I will follow "best blogging tips," "help for bloggers," "blogger templates," and "SEO tips," etc.

Now here are the questions regarding your topic.
So not only can you get different "blog post ideas" here, but you will get traffic for your website.

3. Facebook Groups

5 Blog Topic Generators for Blog Post Ideas

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

We use Facebook just for fun, but many people are using Facebook for work.
Facebook Groups is a massive community where people share about different issues and ideas.

You can join groups based on your niche to get daily topics from Facebook.

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4. Keyword.io

blog post idea generator

We talked about this website in a post earlier.
Using keywords. io We can find many topics about our niche.

This is a paid tool for keywords researching, but you can also use the free version of this.
If you just type in one keyword, it will put thousands of keywords in front of you.
In it, if you just type one keyword, it will put a lot of keywords in front of you.

For example, if we enter "Best Android apps" in it, we get 512 topics.

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5. Answer the public

Answer the public
Answer the public

Answer the public is another "blog post idea generator," tool.
We have already talked about this tool, but let us highlight it once again.

"Answer the public" is my favorite tool.  If you enter some custom keywords in it, thousands of post ideas will appear to you.

Final Words

We hope you liked 5 Blog Topic Generators for Blog Post Ideas. Well, besides these websites, there are many other sources where we can find different topics daily.
So in the next post we will share more knowledge about blogging with you guys and share this post as much - thanks