How I Really Built a Successful Blog

Today's post is essential for beginners.  Today we will not talk about a tool or blogger theme. 
Today we are sharing the story of a successful blogger.

This is not a fictional story but a story of successful blogging experience.
When a new blogger blogs, they make a lot of mistakes that lead them to failures.

This story mentions all the mistakes that a new blogger makes.
This is a blogging experience of Muhammad Talha, which, like a normal blogger, has faced constant failures but never dared.

He tells how he went from failure to success. This story will give you lots of motivation. And you get to learn something.

Story of Muhammad Talha

I want to share my experience. Especially for Newbies.
I started SEO in 2017 with a website named BrightWayTech

In the beginning, I've made many, many mistakes. I've purchased Adsense from another person who blocked in just 15 days.

At that, I was getting almost 200-300 Traffic per day. I worried, but I did not give up. I've tried other ad networks, e.g. Media. Net, Infolinks, etc. I have also tried Affiliate programs. But that didn't work for me. 😞

After struggling for 6 months, So, I have purchased another domain and redirected my current website to New Domain. After hard work of one month, I could get Adsense approval on my new domain. (Sir Nouman Arshad helped me with this).

Now, after transferring to a new domain, I've lost all the rankings. But I could earn some dollars. I've also applied for BUYSELL Ads and got approval soon. 

My earning started but was very low. I've chosen a very high competition niche, and it was very, very hard for a newbie to rank on the 1st page.

I created another website. I choose a very low competition niche and believe me I have used no keyword tool for grabbing keywords. (except Few Kw Extensions). 

I have observed all my competitors. They are providing very outdated content and haven't updated their posts for years. And they are not using advanced technology like AMP.

So, I have created a New Up-to-date content and worked on ON-PAGE-SEO. I also worked on AMP implementation (faced some problems in the beginning, and that enabled me to learn all about AMP). I've created a few profiles backlinks as well (for getting some DA & PA).

My articles started rankings in Google within weeks. And now my articles ranked in just a few days. 3 Days before I've created a post, and it is getting 150+ users daily. 

This is not an end (My target is to get 10k Users Daily), but I want to share my experience with my Family, i.e. Blogger Funda & Pakistan SEO & Bloggers. (They helped me a lot. Thanks for everything.)

Key Points:

  1. Finding a Low Competition Niche
  2. Using Fast and Reliable Hosting (I am using Cloud Ways Hosting)
  3. Fast and user-friendly Theme & Eye-Catching Color Scheme
  4. ON Page SEO
  5. Amp Implementation
  6. Regularly updating content
  7. Using Push Notifications
  8. Tracking Keywords
  9. Proper Check n Balance and Doing Experiments with the post that is not ranking.

(If my post were struggling, and after passing months they were on 2nd and 3rd page of Google.
So I've checked the results once again. The first 5 results were YouTube videos.

So I've included YouTube videos in my post, and within a few days these posts are ranking on the first page.)
Don't give up at any Cost, Be consistent and honest with your work. Always try to work. Inshallah Success will be yours.

Muhammad Talha

Final Words

Well, the story was a lot of lessons. If you want to visit the Muhammad Talha website then click here. So share this post with your friends unsuccessful in blogging.