Best Blogging Topics for 2020

How to Start a Blog in 2020
How to Start a Blog in 2020

Should I create a blog in 2020?  If yes, How to Start Blogging in 2020, and which is the best blogging topic?  Are you thinking the same?  So stop thinking about it today.
Because today we will answer all your questions about blogging. So read today's post carefully.

is blogging dead 2020

First, we highlight the reasons people are turning away from blogging.
Wait! That doesn't mean everyone is leaving blogging.  In fact, some people don't want to blog anymore.  Next, we will tell you the reasons.

1. High Competition

High competition is a big challenge in blogging. Competition plays an essential role in losing any new blogger. We must not give up, but we must fight against it, and then we will succeed.

Anyway, some people think we shouldn't be in the blogging field because of the high competition. These are the people who quickly run away.

If there is high competition in every field nowadays, do we lose and sit at home!  No, it's not, but we try hard and wait for our success.
So we must not give up but work hard to achieve our destination because "The world stands on hope".

2. Adsense Policies

Adsense stringent policies are also the reason for this, as before, Adsense approval was available quickly, but nowadays Adsense is not so readily available.

First, it has been tough to Adsense approval.  Even after getting approval, its terms are very strict. If you make a mistake, they will ban your account.

However, if you start with Best Blogging Topic and you are a good content writer who can produce unique and high-quality content, Adsense will also appreciate you.

3. Lack of Topics

Any new blogger who comes up makes a blog on technology, beauty tips, health or cooking and then says that I am not getting success.
These are very competitive topics; There are millions of blogs on these topics.  So how can you succeed if you select such a topic?.

People confused about which is the Good Blogging Topic to start the blog in 2020. So next, we're sharing some blogging topics that you can start a blog on any topic.

Best Blogging Topics for 2020
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Blogging Topics for 2020

Here we are sharing some topics which are very little competition and help you Start a Blog in 2020.
These topics will be very demanding, so pick a topic from now on and start a successful blog in 2020.

1. Film and Drama Review

Yes!  Nowadays, people like to read reviews about their favourite movies.
Write a review post on every new upcoming movie before it's released.

About the movie story and the characters, you can guess from its trailer.  Or you can still review the movie after it's released.
Because the film is in a trend for several days after its release and it is searched heavily.

You can also post reviews on TV drama serials. Review every episode of the famous TV drama series and tell viewers what will happen next.

So this is how your visit becomes a relationship with you. Taking some scenes from the play, do your best to analyse.  So this way, your visitors will become a relationship with you.
And people will visit your website more and share your post.

2. Lyrics Website

Lyrics topic is also a good idea. Because there are very few websites built on this topic, this way you can get good traffic by creating a website on the Lyrics.

Every day releases new songs, All you have to do is post the lyrics of these songs to your website.
You can also copy the lyrics from any website, but you will have to keep the alignment and fonts separate from this site, so there is no risk of copyright.

3. Storytelling Blog

We mentioned earlier in a post about storytelling but not in so much detail.
Creating a blog on story writing may seem weird, but it's a great idea.  

According to my research, most people, especially children, are eager to read stories online.

How to Create Storytelling Blog۔

If you want to create a blog on storytelling, write stories for kids.  And don't write long, so that no one bored and wrote good moral stories.

Writing stories is not such a difficult task, but even if you cannot write, you can get help from books. Yes, books have a lot of stories, and you can copy them just as much.

4. Interviews blog

People want to know about the lives of their favourite bloggers and YouTubers.  Create a blog and post interviews with famous bloggers and YouTubers.

In the first few days, work hard and invest as well because the famous bloggers will not give you a free interview. When your blog is successful, famous bloggers will ask you for an interview.

6. Breaking News blog

How much breaking news you hear on TV daily?. Almost every half hour, news comes.
News is always on the trend.  Create a blog and post daily breaking news in it.

No need to write more details but just post the headlines.
For a news blog, you don't even have to search for new topics every day.

Get some tips from Neil Patel.

Final Words

These are the Best Blogging Topics for 2020, and I hope now you'll understand, How to Start a Blog in 2020, and I would like to give a suggestion that if you really want to succeed, then start a blog in your native language. Before creating a blog, check the languages ​​that support Adsense.

If it does not include your local language in the list, then write in English. And Adsense approval is also available quickly. Because of the low content, Google is giving preference to blogs written in the local languages.